Google Places

The Importance of Branding your Business for Local Search

Anyone who searches the internet for businesses, products and services, has likely seen a sweeping change in the way that Google presents their search results.  These changes have been so numerous and frequent in 2011 that keeping up with these algorithm changes can be extremely challenging, even to seasoned internet marketing consultants.  For anyone who is looking for the “common thread” to these changes, the term “local search” should be leaping off of the screen at you when you perform a search.

Most of us know that in their efforts to combat web spam and scam sites, Google has implemented significant changes, with their primary focus on presenting websites that have earned trust and authority across the internet.  It’s no surprise that local search fits neatly within the “safe zone” of Google’s sweep, especially in light of the fact that local businesses are deemed credible.  The initial credibility of a local business is premised on two primary factors – the businesses phone number and the physical address – and is further corroborated by other… Continue reading