As a business owner, marketing your business for placement in the major search engine local search directories and having an edge over your competitors is the key to sales and the overall success of your business.

In the current state of our economy, many businesses are employing online strategies that include offering specials, or even slashing prices in an attempt to increase the number of sales.
Has your business tried any of these strategies with little or no success?

At “Business Review Boost” we have great news for your business!

The reasons your marketing strategies fail are not because you haven’t offered anything appealing to customers. It’s because your business lacks the most critical element to any effective marketing strategy: “Local Web Presence” in local search.


What is Local Search?

When you perform a search on Google, Yahoo!, or Bing, have you ever paid close attention to how search results are presented?  Generally there are hundreds and thousands of results for any given search.  Out of all of those results local businesses are generally given preference toward the top of the list on the first page.  These are referred to as “local search” results.  Google, Yahoo! and Bing provide local listing services where businesses can provide their business information where they will be featured independently in their respective local search results.

Most importantly, although there are typically hundreds of businesses listed in the local search results of Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, generally about five to seven local businesses are listed on the first page, while the remaining will found on subsequent pages.

The truth is that not every business in a geographic location will have their business listed in the top local search results. As a matter of fact, many businesses can’t be found at all in local search.  This is because they have not been registered in the search engines, or any of the many other available business listing sites that feed them.

Local search results are identified by the business name, address, phone number, and typically a link to a map in order to obtain directions to the business.  These results are generated based upon the user’s geographical location, which is determined by that user’s IP address.

For example, an individual from Boston searching for a business via the internet has an IP address specific to that geographical location. The search engines identify the IP address and provide business information relevant to Boston.  It certainly would not make sense for search engines to display businesses located in Florida if you are searching from a location in Massachusetts.


Search Engine Trends

Over the last decade Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other search engines have revolutionized the manner in which we learn, collaborate, and even how we shop.  Collectively search engines have helped billions of people around the world by harnessing the power of the internet, enabling people to find and use helpful information.  On the top of the benefit list is local business listings.

Did you know that in the United States alone there are over 10 billion unique searches performed each month?  Almost half of these unique searches are attributable to local searches as follows:


  • 40% of queries are local
  • 5% use the city and/or state name
  • 2% use informal terms, such as neighborhoods, parks, or local landmarks
  • .5% use zip codes


These numbers represent that 47.5% of the 10 billion unique searches (4.7 billion monthly searches) are attributed to local search, and it is essential that your business have a “local web presence” in order to reach your customers and be competitive in today’s online marketing.


Where does your business rank in Local Search?

If you have not taken the critical step to make certain that your business is prominently listed in the major search engines, you are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to boost your business sales.

Have you ever searched for your business only to find that it’s not listed in the 5-7 listings found on the first page?  You’re not alone, and I bet you’re wondering how these business listing get ranked on the first page?  The answer is authority and credibility.

Unless a business has attained some credibility through citations generated via business listings, chances are the online presence of that business will be very poor and it will not be found in the top local listings.  Unfortunately, many local businesses have little or no web presence when certain phrases or keywords relating to their business are queried in the major search engines.

If your business lacks web presence through local search, it is likely that your competitors have a substantial edge on you.

“Business Review Boost” will help your local business achieve a reputable and prominent local search presence for less than $35 per month!