Below are many popular questions that have come up during my visits with clients and local business owners.  If yo have a question that cannot be answered or found below, please feel free to submit your question and I will provide you with the answer.

Q: Why are the top 7 local listings so important?

A: When a potential customer searches in Google for a business or service, within the immediate visual area of the search results page will be a list of 7 local businesses.  If your business is featured in that top 7 list, more likely than not potential customers will click on your businesses local listing to determine whether your business offers what the customers is looking for.

Q: How does Google determine whether my business is listed in the top 7 local listings on the first page of search results?

A: The only tried and true way of having your business featured in the top 7 local listings is by making sure that your business has numerous web citations that accurately provide your businesses information and the services you offer.  It is extremely critical that your business category be consistent across the board.

Q: Can I attain my business my own list of citations that accurately provide my business information?

A: Yes.  However, there are many, many sources for obtaining reputable citations and it takes several hours to find and register your business information.  It is more practical to have a professional marketing consultant perform these tasks.