Maximum Online Exposure for Your Business

Is your Business Getting Full Online Exposure?

Probably one of the most critical elements to running a successful business in 2012 is getting new customers.  Aside from referrals, the best way to get new customers is by exposing your business and brand to as many people in your local community as possible.  Although this sounds like an easy task to achieve, it really is not.  It takes a lot of planning, design and printing, and of course leg work.  Or does it?

Often times as business owners we are sold on the statistics offered by consultants and marketing agencies as to what the best advertising method is.  From a practical standpoint I often wonder if their information is a secret, or whether it’s just a matter of common sense.  For me I would rather achieve something by doing the work myself rather than paying for it, especially when it comes to marketing. Marketing can be very expensive and some times when it’s all said and done, I realize I could have done just as good, if not better.  Only in… Continue reading