Local Search

How to Achieve Local Search Presence for your Business

Local search can be a very effective method of marketing your business, but many people simply fail to utilize this online phenomenon.  For one reason or another many business owners shun the internet and simply rely on traditional marketing because that is what they have been doing for decades.  I respect this because I understand that some people are not amenable to change and desire to use marketing methods that they believe are working.  Perhaps they lack computer skills and rely on mail, television and radio to gather news and other information?  It’s very unfortunate that these individuals are missing out on sales and new clientele that are available online because statistics show that 10 billion online searches are performed every month!
If you’re a business owner and you have yet to utilize the world’s most effective means of business advertizing, we have some great news for you.

Traditional Marketing
If you’ve ever struggled to market your business, it’s likely that you have taken a blow to your profit margin by employing traditional marketing methods that… Continue reading

Does your Business Need Reputation Management?

Once you decide to hire a reputation management company, you need to figure out which company will serve the best interest of you business. There are hundreds of reputation management companies available, and choosing the right one is extremely important. You want a company that is reliable and gets results, otherwise your throwing your money away and likely doing more damage than good to your business.

Here are some tips you can use to evaluate whether or not a company is worth looking into for managing your business reputation:


Verify the company’s credibility: Clearly, it is important that you use a company that is experienced and has been in the business of managing the reputation of businesses  for a couple years. Obviously, the chances for success are higher if you use a reputable company. Just like the Internet, reputation management evolves and reputation management professionals with more experience are likely to be aware of and adapt to the latest trends.
Overall, remember that hiring a local company is usually the best option so you can verify their authenticity… Continue reading