Welcome to Business Review Boost.  My name is Scott Ludtke, and I am an internet marketing consultant.

As a resident and business owner in Waukesha, WI, I specialize in Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”), Search Engine Marketing (“SEM”), and Local Search Marketing (“LSM”), providing internet marketing services in Milwaukee, Waukesha, and throughout Southeastern Wisconsin.

I have recently launched an extremely affordable service called “Business Review Boost” which helps local Waukesha businesses achieve a reputable web presence and exceptional local search ranking in the major search engines.  This is NOT “SEO” for your website!
Business Review Boost is a reputation management and marketing service that is guaranteed to propel your business profile to the top ten local search results where customers will find and click on your local Waukesha business profile.

The average cost for our service is less than $35 per month annually, and we offer special packages based upon your specific business needs.  Whatever package you choose, our services are guaranteed or you will receive a refund *.
*(NOTE: Results vary in length of time, so our refund policy has a 120-day minimum results guarantee)

Why I started “Business Review Boost”

Through years of exhaustive online research, and analysis of thousands of local Waukesha business profiles, I discovered that a majority of local businesses had no, or a very poor local search web presence.
Through exhaustive research and testing I have successfully developed and perfected the skill of achieving a first page ranking for local business profiles. Armed with these skills I set out to implement a local search service, where I have helped numerous local businesses boost their online presence in the search engines. These businesses are now being prominently displayed on the first page of search engines where customers looking for a specific product or service can easily access and explore my client’s business information.  Prior to implementing my service for their business, 90% of my client’s ranked on the 3rd or subsequent pages of business listing results where they were unlikely viewed by customers.

If you want your business listing on the first page of Google, “Business Review Boost” is a must and offers businesses in the Waukesha and Milwaukee metro area an affordable marketing strategy that pays for itself.