How to Achieve Local Search Presence for your Business

Local search can be a very effective method of marketing your business, but many people simply fail to utilize this online phenomenon.  For one reason or another many business owners shun the internet and simply rely on traditional marketing because that is what they have been doing for decades.  I respect this because I understand that some people are not amenable to change and desire to use marketing methods that they believe are working.  Perhaps they lack computer skills and rely on mail, television and radio to gather news and other information?  It’s very unfortunate that these individuals are missing out on sales and new clientele that are available online because statistics show that 10 billion online searches are performed every month!
If you’re a business owner and you have yet to utilize the world’s most effective means of business advertizing, we have some great news for you.

Traditional Marketing
If you’ve ever struggled to market your business, it’s likely that you have taken a blow to your profit margin by employing traditional marketing methods that cost thousands of dollars annually. Methods such as radio and television are common, but very expensive.  However, email and mailers have been the largest movement in business marketing for a very long time, and they do have some success.  Again, these methods are common, but expensive when compared to online marketing.

Personally, I’ve never been a big fan of email marketing campaigns because there’s just too many awry things that make it seem pressuring and invasive.  Unsolicited emails some times appear like an invasion of privacy, and I wouldn’t want my business name affiliated with this spam-type character, would you?  Not to mention that email campaigns mean I have to purchase an expensive list of thousands of random people and spam them with my sales pitch in the hopes that someone may be interested in my products or services.  Perhaps the same holds true for mail marketing campaigns with brochures.  Printing up brochures and randomly littering people’s mail with my unsolicited brochures can be construed as an unethical business practice for gaining new customers.  To me these types of marketing campaigns are bad business practice, a bad investment, and a waste of paper since most flyers end up in the garbage.

Nevertheless these practices have been employed for decades because businesses have been sold on the idea that they work.
Better Marketing on the Internet
Some time in the early to mid 90’s the internet came into the marketing picture with the focus on websites and advertisements.  These were large marketing investments that cost thousands of dollars annually as well.   It was during this time that a surge in new marketing became prevalent, and soon businesses were competing with each other by attaining higher rankings in the search engines.  This period could be referred to as the Genesis of “Search Engine Marketing” (“SEM”).   In a nutshell, SEM is a form of Internet marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs) through the use of paid placement, contextual advertising, and paid inclusion.

With SEM the theory is such that if business “A” has their website in the second slot of the search results, and their competitor (business “B”) has their website below business “A”,  it’s more likely than not that business “A” is going to gain more traffic and resulting sales and new customers.  It was through the art of Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) that business marketing via SEM entered a new arena of marketing strategy.  What you may or may not know is that SEO – good SEO – is a very expensive investment and marketing expense for your business.  What many people do not know and ultimately discover is that there are many risks to purchasing SEO services, including large expenses without any guarantee, and causing harm to your online reputation.  Furthermore, like any good thing eventually traditional SEO was abused by spammers and so the time came when it became necessary for some major changes in the way that search results are determined.  2011 was the advent for some major changes in search engine ranking factors.  Fortunately these changes benefit business owners.

Local Search
For several years the search engines have provided free online marketing services via local search.  Google has “Google Places”, Yahoo! has “Yahoo! Local”, and Bing has the “Bing Business Portal”. These services offer great opportunities for businesses to spread their brand and business name across the internet for the entire world to find.  In 2011 we have seen local search rise to the top of search results because businesses have been deemed credible. Although businesses are carefully chosen and scrutinized by the search engines, once validated, your business is given priority over thousands of other websites and is placed right on the first page of search results.  For many years website owners and businesses invested tens of thousands of dollars to enjoy the privilege of a first page ranking, but now it’s possible for any business to achieve first page ranking.  I want to make it clear that even though local Search is, in essence a branch of SEO, it is distinguished by being a condensed partition which focuses primarily on branding your businesses reputation rather than achieving search rank by splattering backlinks to your website all over cyberspace.  So what do these changes mean for your business?

Implement Local Search for Your Business
Because these changes are relatively new, there’s a golden opportunity for any local business to receive targeted customers for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing.

Now is the time to take advantage of local search and the 10 billion monthly searches that people make for local businesses and services.  Branding your business for local search is the secret to success, and it is a relatively affordable service that pays for itself in the long run.  Without local search presence your business is just another lost opportunity along the information superhighway. When compared to traditional marketing methods, local search marketing trumps them all and has the best return on investment for any business.

Finding Affordable Local Search Marketing Services
There are some marketing companies around that offer local search services, but most of them are large firms whose services are very expensive.  Search the internet yourself and see.  Some of these costs are ridiculous, but they calculate their prices by the overhead of operating a large company.  Although many businesses are willing to pay upward of $75 per month to have their business featured in the top local listing results, some businesses simply do not have this capital to invest in marketing.  It’s not right that business owners should shoulder a high cost for SEM, but unfortunately there are limited places that offer competent local search services.

Choose Business Review Boost
Fortunately for businesses in the Milwaukee and Waukesha metro area, Business Review Boost is live and ready to help your business achieve targeted customers for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing. Business Review Boost is a small marketing service that provides local search services for less than $35 per month, and we serve large and small businesses with equal treatment and attention. Our services cost less than half of what the big marketing companies charge because we are a small marketing company.  Finally, unlike most marketing agencies our services are guaranteed!  Not too many places are willing to guarantee results, but Business Review Boost GUARANTEES your investment.