Local Search and Business Reviews

Local Search can prove to be the determining factor as to whether your business website receives tons of leads from potentially new customers.   When your business listing ranks well in the local search results, people will visit your listing and will likely browse through any reviews you have to see what others are saying about you.  In light of this fact, does your business have reviews from past or current customers?  If so, are all of the reviews positive, or are they mixed with both good and bad reviews?  Are you considering some type of reputation management?

Bad Business Reviews
Many business owners balk when they see that someone has left a bad review about their business. This is even more true when there are several bad reviews.  In most cases business owners would go to any length to have bad reviews removed, including hiring a reputation management firm. These firms are very expensive and often provide services that business owners themselves can do on their own time and with very little effort.

Bad Reviews are Actually Good?
Although the reality of business reviews is that they are permanent, the positive side of them is that most customers attribute more credibility to a business if there are both good and bad reviews because it seems more natural that every customer wasn’t 100% pleased.  Lets face it, you can never please everyone — no matter what lengths you take to do so.

On the other hand, many businesses have zero reviews from past and current customers.  Does this necessarily speak well of your business?  No.  It does not speak bad either.  I know that when I personally visit a business listing and there are no customer reviews a couple of things come to mind.  1.) This must be a relatively new business; and 2.) This business does not value the opinions and input from their customers.
In either case I usually end up visiting the business website to seek out further information about the business.

In our next post I will be discussing how you as a business owner can safely elicit reviews for your business.  Further I will be discussing  steps to help you operate your own reputation management for your business — for FREE!