Where’s Your Business?

If you have taken any time to read the information across this website, you have likely come to the understanding that the information focuses on one primary subject: Local business marketing.  Whether or not you have any opinion about the fact that local search is the best way to focus your marketing efforts, the truth is that I’ve contemplated at great length to determine how to reach my targeted audience of local business owners who are reluctant to change from old print marketing methods such as the phone book and newspaper for their advertising medium. If you utilize print advertising as your primary method of marketing and your business has no online presence, you are throwing your money away!

Business Listing in the CornerAs the old adage goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, and the illustration here is telling to the fact that old business marketing methods are just that: “Old”.  Let us briefly study this illustration.
Here we have a stack of phone books by both YP.Com and the Milwaukee Business Directory. Are there any of these books missing? No! So it begs the question: How long have these phone books been sitting alone in the corner?  The answer to that question is several weeks.  It is noteworthy to add that this lobby is the entrance to a 41 unit apartment complex.

Every time I come through this entrance (several times per week) I am saddened to know that hundreds of thousands of businesses are investing in the false hope that this medium of marketing is going to create new customers for them.  The likely truth is that these advertisers are the ones who are gaining new customers and moving forward.  Quite frankly, they could probably care less as to whether or not your business gets new customers.