Is your Business Getting Full Online Exposure?

Probably one of the most critical elements to running a successful business in 2012 is getting new customers.  Aside from referrals, the best way to get new customers is by exposing your business and brand to as many people in your local community as possible.  Although this sounds like an easy task to achieve, it really is not.  It takes a lot of planning, design and printing, and of course leg work.  Or does it?

Often times as business owners we are sold on the statistics offered by consultants and marketing agencies as to what the best advertising method is.  From a practical standpoint I often wonder if their information is a secret, or whether it’s just a matter of common sense.  For me I would rather achieve something by doing the work myself rather than paying for it, especially when it comes to marketing. Marketing can be very expensive and some times when it’s all said and done, I realize I could have done just as good, if not better.  Only in rare, technical circumstances will I defer to have someone else handle my marketing.  If you’re in the same boat as me, please read on.

Some marketing agencies will simply plaster your business information everywhere in the hopes that it returns positive results.  Email campaigns, mail flyers, and perhaps even some television or radio spots are among the resources that marketing agencies use.  These campaigns are not cheap either. Although these traditional methods of marketing have worked for decades, they all have their downfalls and slowly they are becoming less effective, leaving us business owners paying for a service that has very little in return.

On another advertising plane, agencies such as Yellow Pages and YP.Com convince you that it is critical to have a listing in the phone book, coupled with one of their website packages and/or online business listings as part of the “package deal”. In part of the sense they are right, but not by any intent of providing the best online exposure for you. The sad truth is that phone books are on the way out.

In a study by Harris Interactive just over a year ago, results showed that nearly 70% of adults in the U.S. “rarely or never” use the phone book.  Instead, 60% of people use the Internet to find contact information.  Let’s not forget that big marketing firms like Yellow Pages and YP.Com have big price tags attached to their services.  By no means is this an attempt to bash these agencies, but rather I am trying to prove a point.

The point to advertising is to gain the best online exposure for your bottom dollar.  In order to gain the best exposure it is essential to get your business information in front of the most people via the most popular resource.  Most important is to get your business to the client that is searching for the services and products your business offers.  Random emails and mail flyers do not achieve this objective.  Clearly the phone book does, but people rarely use the phone book.

Recent statistics clearly show that people are using online venues and applications to do just about everything these days.  From shopping, to searching for restaurants and stores, the internet is the largest and growing resource being used by the majority of people.

The internet, however, is not just some static island that openly displays your business to every single person who looks for a service or product that you offer.  There are literally hundreds and millions of businesses that compete for the prime spots on the first page of search engines, but we know that not everyone can have those prime spots.  Moreover, what once used to be populated mostly by websites, the first page is now populated with businesses and that is right where you want your business.  Again, not every business can enjoy these limited slots, but service providers such as Business Review Boost can guarantee that your business will be displayed in one of these slots and receive maximum online exposure.  Of course you can try to achieve this result yourself, but with this option comes the risk of causing damage to your business profile that may or may not be reparable?

Like I stated earlier in this article, I don’t like to pay for something that I can do myself.  With my primary goal being client satisfaction and affordable business marketing services, choosing Business Review Boost services for less than $35 for month is probably going to be one, if not the best investment you can make for your business.

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