Is Your Business Facing a Local Search Crisis?

I want to conduct a simple and quick experiment to help you help your business get more leads from your website.   Utilizing your smartphone or desktop PC, go in Google and perform a search for your services in the city or locality that your business is located.   For example, if you are a plumber in Brookfield then type in “Plumber in Brookfield”.

Looking at the search results page you will see 7 businesses listed in sequential order: “A” through “G”.  So here’s the million dollar question…  Is your business located in the top 7 local search results?  If the answer is no then you are loosing customers!

What you need to do is make a small investment that is going to pay for itself before you know it.  Don’t throw hundreds and thousands of dollars away with Yellowbook,, or AT&T Business services.  All you need to do is “boost” your local listing citations and claim that top 7 ranking in Google Local Search results.

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Local Search and Business Reviews

Local Search can prove to be the determining factor as to whether your business website receives tons of leads from potentially new customers.   When your business listing ranks well in the local search results, people will visit your listing and will likely browse through any reviews you have to see what others are saying about you.  In light of this fact, does your business have reviews from past or current customers?  If so, are all of the reviews positive, or are they mixed with both good and bad reviews?  Are you considering some type of reputation management?

Bad Business Reviews
Many business owners balk when they see that someone has left a bad review about their business. This is even more true when there are several bad reviews.  In most cases business owners would go to any length to have bad reviews removed, including hiring a reputation management firm. These firms are very expensive and often provide services that business owners themselves can do on their own time and with very little effort.… Continue reading

Where’s Your Business?

If you have taken any time to read the information across this website, you have likely come to the understanding that the information focuses on one primary subject: Local business marketing.  Whether or not you have any opinion about the fact that local search is the best way to focus your marketing efforts, the truth is that I’ve contemplated at great length to determine how to reach my targeted audience of local business owners who are reluctant to change from old print marketing methods such as the phone book and newspaper for their advertising medium. If you utilize print advertising as your primary method of marketing and your business has no online presence, you are throwing your money away!

Business Listing in the CornerAs the old adage goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, and the illustration here is telling to the fact that old business marketing methods are just that: “Old”.  Let us briefly study this illustration.
Here we have a stack of phone books by both YP.Com and the Milwaukee Business Directory. Are there any of these books… Continue reading

Is your Business Getting Full Online Exposure?

Probably one of the most critical elements to running a successful business in 2012 is getting new customers.  Aside from referrals, the best way to get new customers is by exposing your business and brand to as many people in your local community as possible.  Although this sounds like an easy task to achieve, it really is not.  It takes a lot of planning, design and printing, and of course leg work.  Or does it?

Often times as business owners we are sold on the statistics offered by consultants and marketing agencies as to what the best advertising method is.  From a practical standpoint I often wonder if their information is a secret, or whether it’s just a matter of common sense.  For me I would rather achieve something by doing the work myself rather than paying for it, especially when it comes to marketing. Marketing can be very expensive and some times when it’s all said and done, I realize I could have done just as good, if not better.  Only in… Continue reading

Gain an Edge on Your Competitors with Local Search

If you want to gain an edge on your competitors and increase your business sales, it is critical that your business be prominently featured on the first page of the local listings.

Getting new customers is the key to the growth and success of small businesses.

If you don’t take advantage of this opportunity,
your competitors most certainly will.

In today’s market consumers search on the web with desktop computers, iPads and smart phones before they buy. If your company doesn’t have a listing on the major search engines, customers won’t even know your business exists and will end up going elsewhere – likely to your competitors.  However, it’s simply not enough to get your business listed – your business needs lots of citations and good reviews  so it ranks higher in the listings. The higher the quality of the reviews and citations, the higher you’ll get ranked by Google, Yahoo! and Bing, and in turn your business will receive a steady flow of new customers.

How to Achieve Local Search Presence for your Business

Local search can be a very effective method of marketing your business, but many people simply fail to utilize this online phenomenon.  For one reason or another many business owners shun the internet and simply rely on traditional marketing because that is what they have been doing for decades.  I respect this because I understand that some people are not amenable to change and desire to use marketing methods that they believe are working.  Perhaps they lack computer skills and rely on mail, television and radio to gather news and other information?  It’s very unfortunate that these individuals are missing out on sales and new clientele that are available online because statistics show that 10 billion online searches are performed every month!
If you’re a business owner and you have yet to utilize the world’s most effective means of business advertizing, we have some great news for you.

Traditional Marketing
If you’ve ever struggled to market your business, it’s likely that you have taken a blow to your profit margin by employing traditional marketing methods that… Continue reading

So What’s Better, SEO or Local Search Marketing?

The purpose of this post is to clarify, evaluate, and compare the benefits of both Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) and Local Search Marketing (“LSM”) so business owners and webmasters alike can make an informed decision on what would be the best overall investment for successfully marketing their business on the Internet.  My conclusions are not intended to diminish the effectiveness of SEO or negate the fact that sound SEO for websites is a very critical element.  However, if you’re a local business owner and you want the best return for your investment, you may agree that SEO falls second to local search marketing.

SEO, or “Search Engine Optimization” is the process of attaining traffic to your website from free, organic, or natural listings on search engines. The major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing all provide these types of search results, which in essence are a combination of web pages (including news feeds), videos, and local listings. Essentially the results are displayed by their ranking, which is determined by what the search engine considers to be most… Continue reading

Why Local Search is Important for Waukesha Businesses

Business Review Boost of WaukeshaWith its rich history and growing economy, Waukesha has proven to be a successful location for both large and small businesses.
At the start of 2010 Waukesha County had 12,702 private businesses and 24,387 private small businesses, with the City of Waukesha hosting 4,777 of those businesses.  By the end of 2009, manufacturers and merchants in the City of Waukesha had a combined sales total of $8,809,717, which does not include $1,248,123 in retail sales alone.  Clearly, the data shows that Waukesha offers great revenue opportunity, but successful business opportunities come with the challenge of successful marketing.

In order for any business to be successful a marketing plan must be established so that your products and services will be known to local customers throughout the geographical location of your business.  Most business owners know that marketing with newspaper ads, brochures, or having your business featured on radio and television ads can become a very expensive business investment. But what else is there?  You have to get your business information in front of people in order for… Continue reading

The Importance of Branding your Business for Local Search

Anyone who searches the internet for businesses, products and services, has likely seen a sweeping change in the way that Google presents their search results.  These changes have been so numerous and frequent in 2011 that keeping up with these algorithm changes can be extremely challenging, even to seasoned internet marketing consultants.  For anyone who is looking for the “common thread” to these changes, the term “local search” should be leaping off of the screen at you when you perform a search.

Most of us know that in their efforts to combat web spam and scam sites, Google has implemented significant changes, with their primary focus on presenting websites that have earned trust and authority across the internet.  It’s no surprise that local search fits neatly within the “safe zone” of Google’s sweep, especially in light of the fact that local businesses are deemed credible.  The initial credibility of a local business is premised on two primary factors – the businesses phone number and the physical address – and is further corroborated by other… Continue reading

Reviews can Increase Sales by up to 40 percent!

Many small businesses debate the pros and cons of customer reviews and whether they are good for business, whether they turn away prospective customers, or whether they bring new awareness and increased traffic and conversion to a business.

Offline businesses are increasingly finding ways to use online customer reviews because they are effective without seeming ‘salesy’.  Even when featured or promoted by the company being reviewed, customer reviews do Business Review Boost Chart_2not lose their credibility.   In a recent global Nielsen survey, 78% of the respondents said that customer reviews are the most credible form of advertising.

To test the impact of customer reviews on revenue, Marketing Experiments Journal measured the conversion rate from website visitor to customer with and without customer reviews. They found the conversion rate increased from 0.47% to 0.88%, an increase of 87%.  Out of 14,241 website visitors, the sales for businesses with customer reviews increased from $334,664 to more than$ 626,000 simply because businesses had reviews.

A big trust builder for businesses, large and small, is easy access to business reviews. They act as… Continue reading